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Taylor took over Glamour UK twitter account here are the questions and answers

Hi Taylor here - hello to everyone here in the UK and can’t wait for the premiere tonight 

Q)  What’s your fave scene in Breaking Dawn?  

A) Probably the birth scene. It’s intense.

Q) If u had to be a diff char in twilight who would it be?  

A) I’ve gone back & forth between Edward & Bella but Bella

Q)  What advice can you give people wanted to break into acting?   

A) Work hard, and be persistent. Keep going!

Q)   What’s your idea of a perfect day? 

A) Sometime just to do nothing. Being able to wake up and have nothing to do

Q)  Funniest thing on set?  

A) In Eclipse, I carried Kristen a lot, and I slipped on the mud. She landed on me.

Q)  Would you ever do a British film?  

A) Of course! I have no limitations

Q) #AskTaylor are you a night owl, or an early bird? 

A) Night owl for sure although I do like waking up early as you do get more done.

Q)  What does your mum think of you running around topless? 

A) She really hasn’t commented on it thankfully

Q) Have you ever regretted auditioning for a role?   

A) No. Definitely not. Audition is a growing process

Q) Tell us a secret about one of your Twilight co-stars  

A) Kristen is an amazing cook & Rob has a great sense of humour

Q)  Favourite song ever?  xx 

A) Where the streets have no name by U2

Q) If there was a movie about you, who’d play the young/old you? #AskTaylor @angelwithwings_

A) I don’t know about young but old how about Daniel Day Lewis

Q)  Will you ever make a Twitter?  

A) I can’t say I will never but I want to make clear I’m not on there now 

Q)  If you had to share your mind like the wolf-pack  - whose mind would it be? #AskTaylor 

A) One of my fave athletes - Tom Brady

Q)  what will you miss the most about filming twilight  

A) Just spending time with the cast

Q) What have you got planned for 2012? #AskTaylor @KarraMarriott

 A) I’ve been promoting 2 movies back to back so spending time with family and friends

Q) Do any of the cast have any bad habits?  

A) No that I can think of. Boring answer!

Q) What does the cast do to pass time off-set?   

A) We don’t do anything crazy. We go out for dinner together

Q) #AskTaylor If you could relive a moment from your Twilight days. What would it be? @Pinky_E

A) The v last scene we filmed - it was emotional but it was really specia

Q)  If you could imprint on anyone who would she be?  

A) Jessica Alba. She’s my life-long crush. 

Q) #asktaylor who from the twilight cast will you stay in contact with the most? @mary_mcginty 

A) I don’t know if I could choose the most. We will all stay in touch for sure

Q)  Have you managed to see much of London? 

ANot much this time! I need to make a vacation out of it.

Q)  - Who is your style muse?  

A) Tom Cruise? He’s definitely pulled off the leather jackets. 

Bye everyone - Thanks for your questions!


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